Sampson Resume - The Online Presence of Web Developer Jonathan Sampson.

Examples of My Work

  • The Patriot Update (Design, and Development on Kohana)
    Example: The Patriot Update

    The Patriot Update is a Conservative News Free Press. It features a rapidly-updated news-feed, political cartoons, and more.

  • Creation Book Publishers (Design, and Development on Kohana)
    Example: Creation Book Publishers

    This was the first project I worked on that was built entirely with the Kohana framework. Working with the CBP team was an enormous joy too.

  • Creation Science Evangelism (Design, Development, and Database)
    Example: Creation Science Evangelism

    Creation Science Evangelism is the world-reaching ministry of evangelist Dr. Kent Hovind and his son Mr. Eric Hovind. This website features an article database, interactive itinerary, multimedia center, and more.

  • CreationGuys (Design, Development, and Database)
    Example: Creation Guys

    CreationGuys was a great project to work on. Everything from the Code and Database to the CSS and HTML on top was developed with complete enjoyment. I'm very happy with how this site turned out.

  • SampsonVideos (Design, Development, and Database)
    Example: Sampsonvideos

    Sampsonvideos is an online instructional website built to assist others in learning web-development technologies. It has been an ongoing project, but one that I am thoroughly enjoying.

  • Creation Minute - How Big is Big? (Design, and Development)
    Example: Creation Minute - How Big is Big?

    This was a really cool project to work on. I always love to try my hand at making “different” designs. This layout featured a “private envelope” theme that contained an epside of Creation Minute, a production of Creation Science Evangelism.

    Creation Minute - How Big is Big?

  • Wade AC, Inc. (Design, Development, and Database)
    Example: Wade AC

    I had the pleasure of working with the Wades, a great couple who own an Air Conditioning company in Northwest Florida. Together we worked on nailing down a minimalistic layout, and presentation of their content. Additionally, we developed a small custom back-end administration tunnel to enable easy updating of their website. Great people to work with!

  • JosephAndLydia (Design and Development)
    Example: Joseph and Lydia

    Joseph and Lydia are personal friends, and when I heard that they were getting married, I was extremely happy to help in any way possible with anything at all. Joseph requested a simple website that they could use to present engagement photos, so I was eager to offer him the following layout.

  • Planet Praise (Theming and Implementation of Shopping Cart Software)
    Example: Planet Praise

    Working with PlanetPraise was an absolute joy. Together we worked through implementing a shopping cart, creating a custom theme for Planet Praise, and establishing multiple features including paypal payments and other modules.

  • Gusti Design Studio (Design, Development, and Database)
    Example: Gusti Design Studio

    John W. Gusti is a great friend of mine, and an amazing artist. I've had the pleasure of knowing him and his artwork for several years. John and I worked together on developing a small website to act as a portfolio. Be sure to check out the sculptures, they're my favorite!

  • Wellness Candles (Design and Development)
    Example: Wellness Candles

    Wellness Candles is a great company offering clean-candles. It was my pleasure to work with them on finding a design that they liked, and working on creating a honest reflection of their great products into the presentation of their website.