Sampson Resume - The Online Presence of Web Developer Jonathan Sampson.


  • "Jonathan is a rare find and great guy to work with. He is always ready for conversation, being technology or having fun. He is an excellent .Net developer and able to bring a lot to the table. I look forward to working with Jonathan on more projects."

    Dustin Salter (Network Administrator) at Basenine, Inc

  • "Jonathan created a practical, yet awesome website for our business, Whenever an employer is looking for a reference on any former employee of mine, they always ask: 'Would you hire him again?'. Concerning Jonathan, the answer is: ABSOLUTELY!"

    Tim Ward (Owner) of PlanetPraise

  • "Jonathan was a wonderful asset to our organization. His development skills are well rounded and he was willing to tackle anything that needed done. He always exhibited a great attitude and would get the job done."

    John Hicks (Program Manager) Covenant Hospice

  • "Jonathan is a great guy to work with. Funny, interesting, and surprisingly insightful. And he makes nice websites too!"

    Jesse Guardiani (Developer) BaseNine

  • "Jonathan is friendly and outgoing at work. Always quick to converse technically or humorously. He makes the day go by better."

    Chuck Taylor (Network Engineer) BaseNine